HMH Awards: Google

By Robb Beck | Senior Analyst, Digital Marketing

Category: Mapping the messy frontier of consumer decision-making

Recipient: Google

How many customer journey models have you seen in your professional marketing career? If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you lost count long ago. You might even be suffering from customer journey mapping fatigue.

So why are we talking about this topic, yet again? The answer is simple. Think With Google put out a model that gets to the heart of why customer journeys go through so many iterations: they’re messy.

Here’s why we at HMH like this model.

  • The customer journey is not linear, unlike depictions from previous models
  • Marking inputs are many and varied, and are constantly shifting
  • The space between branding and direct response has opened a gap where all sorts of insightful consumer behavior goes unnoticed
  • Behavioral science is constantly providing new insights into the consumer mindset, upending previously established ‘truths’

“The ‘messy middle,’ writes Google, is “a space of abundant information and unlimited choice that shoppers have learned to manage using a range of cognitive shortcuts.”

Google took a stab at a visualization:

Google The Messy Middle

As usual, nice thinking and visualizing, Google.

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