HMH Awards: Domino’s

By Kristin Young | VP, Group Account Director


CATEGORY: Creating cheesy goodness with family-made films


You know what they say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Thanks to our current “normal,” Domino’s Pizza has been rethinking how they engage loyal customers. Enter the Domino’s Homemade Film Festival, a creative call to arms for all things pepperoni and cheese. It’s a contest where fans and creative-minded families are encouraged to show their love for Domino’s, all in an effort to win free pizza for a year – and maybe even appear in a TV spot!

What makes this idea so delicious? It’s yet another extension of their dialed-in, customer experience-centric strategy and out-of-the-pizza-box thinking (remember the custom delivery cars they launched a few years ago?). Of course, it helps that this initiative comes from a wholesome, honest place, too; it was inspired by a 30-second, iPhone-filmed spot that featured the family of a Domino’s employee. Relatable, fun, creative and relevant – what will Domino’s deliver next?