HMH Awards: Burger King

By Patti Bateman | Design Director

CATEGORY: Making what is old King again

RECIPIENT: Burger King

Burger King got a bright and bold new brand identity for the new year. Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie, it is the first brand redesign in 20 years. It is the full meal deal of a rebrand, too: new logo, packaging, merchandise, menus, uniforms, signage, décor, social media, digital and marketing assets. The new logo was based on the Burger King logo from 1969, so the seventies feel is intentional and grounded in heritage. 

Even with the strong retro influence, it has a modern twist. It is fun and irreverent, exactly what you would like to see in fast food. The intention was to emphasize that Burger King uses fresh ingredients. To use design to change negative perceptions that fast food is synthetic, artificial and cheap. I don’t think it quite manages that, but it sure does a good job of looking tasty. The flat design and playful illustrations are coupled with a custom, variable-width typeface and a strong, limited, food-inspired palette. It seems simple, but it really is just without excess. All the details have been looked after with great care, and it shows. The brand personality still feels true – it’s just a whole lot cuter.