Great Branding Gives You Wings


Meritor, a global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, specialty and aftermarket solutions for the commercial vehicle industry, had a good problem. The century-old company had a solid reputation and the start of a great brand. They just needed to make it bigger and bolder—like the winged bull that graces its logo.

Through in-depth research, we created a brand position reflective of the company’s unstoppable strength and engaging rallying cry, “Run with the bull.” We then brought the position to life with a powerful campaign that highlighted the benefits of trucking with a leader.

The work ran on smart strategy, spot-on creativity and self-assured design. Elements included a brand video, print and digital ads, trade show materials, a brand manifesto and oh so much more. Because the best brands are built from the inside out, we also created an extensive rollout for internal audiences, which included a campaign backgrounder, messaging matrix, campaign asset kit and (again) much more.

The feedback was glowing, immediate and global—in both the literal and metaphorical sense of the word. Employees were excited to get behind a company that stood for something powerful, and consumers created buzz about the work’s undeniable impact at the trade show and beyond. As for the agency, we were thrilled to run with the bull and wave the flag of brand power. Olé!