Good Call.


Central Oregon has a certain allure for Bay Area residents. It’s easy to get to, just a day’s drive or a plane flight away. The landscape is epic, the activities diverse, the food scene a delight and the resorts top notch. It’s an escape you can tailor for just your own kind of adventure.

A sponsorship with the San Francisco Giants offered a targeted avenue to educate and engage both potential and returning travelers with just what makes Central Oregon so appealing. As part of COVA’s larger sponsorship initiative—featuring a themed booth, a Central Oregon vacation giveaway and guest appearances by Biggie himself—we created animated LED stadium banners.

The banner visuals showcased some of the region’s most-loved activities in a simple, yet entertaining way with a reminder to take heed when Adventure Calls. The full sponsorship program reinforced the region’s wealth of recreation options and variety of vacation getaways. The effort garnered major attention, increased website visits, increased online trips planned, and increased COVA free concierge calls—all from this intrigued California visitor audience.