Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

By Steve Cox | Group Creative Director

St. Patrick’s Day is known for the wearing of the green, as well as for a few other pre-COVID activities. And while wearing green is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate, particularly if you live in fear of being pinched, anyone could do that. Being an agency invested in the future of transportation, an arguably green endeavor, we compiled a list of ways (that may or may not be transportation related) to show how you can show your green. 

1 – Buy an electric car 

This one is transportation related. It’s a pretty big investment, but there are still some nice incentives to do it. You might even be able to get one in green. 

2 – Build your own electric car 

More and more, there are companies that are offering complete electric drivetrains to drop in your Pilot, Mini Coop or Chevelle. You can even build your own from scratch. We might even try it ourselves. All you need are a few tools and a good health insurance plan. 

3 – Get a goat 

The original Weed Eater®. Get one. Or two. They’re social animals. Not so great for transportation, but top notch for lawn care. Just ditch the gas-powered lawnmower or generic string trimmer and let the goats go to town. You can even loan them out to your neighbors. But get those neighbors to sign a release. Goats are more of a free-form type of landscaper. 

4 – Have a staycation 

Easy enough. It’s not like you can go anywhere anyway, let alone Ireland. Or even down to the pub for a few black ‘n tans. Have that delivered and eat some dinner. 

5 – Eat corned beef 

Or a cheeseburger will do. Cows are a major creator of greenhouse gases, so fewer cows equals happier planet. You might argue not to eat meat at all, but they’re already here. Why not take one off the board and have a traditional St. Paddy’s day feast? Probably hold the cabbage though. Greenhouse gases and whatnot.  

6 – Install a windmill 

Okay, they’re wind turbines to be a pedant. They aren’t particularly Irish. But they are quiet. They make electricity. And, well, that’s about it. Of course, you need to live in an area that gets wind, and get approval from the county and the HOA. Other than that – done. HOAs are the worst. 

7 – Use linen napkins 

No more paper. Save the trees and go with some fine Irish linen. Green, of course. 

8 – Wear sweater pants 

Irish wool is legendary. And the cable knit sweaters made from it, even more so. It’s time to move on from the pandemic sweatpants and into something a little more classy. Sweater pants. And, in turn, bump that thermostat down a few degrees. Pants that are good for the planet and your personal pride. Win and win. These are not only real, they’re real attractive. 

9 – Celebrate responsibly 

Not a lot of choice this year, not that there ever should be.