Gavin Peterson Joins HMH


HMH is pleased to welcome our new graphic designer, Gavin Peterson, to the Portland office.  Gavin comes to us from Texas, and he was glad to escape the heat.  He’d been eyeballing Portland for some time as a place to hone his creative skillset and was drawn to Portland’s eclectic and fun atmosphere. When the opportunity arose to work with HMH, he was impressed by his interview process and the sincere collaboration and conversation that emerged. He is primarily focused on our work with Western Star Trucks, but he works with other clients, as well.

Gavin spends his free time focusing on personal fitness (he regrettably describes himself as a “dudebro” at the gym), enjoying our overcast mornings with a cup of joe and pursuing his interest in mixology and bartending.  His curiosity in melding different flavors in cocktails is not limited to bartending, but extends to his creative direction in general. He loses himself in his creative writing, and finds the process informs a lot of his creative direction in terms of campaigns and concepting.

We are pleased to have Gavin’s creativity on board with us!