From the Eyes of an Intern: Graphic Design


Your first job in the field you spent years at school studying for can be a little nerve racking. Not wanting to disappoint the people you’re working for while also hoping your skill set is enough to complete the jobs given. All of this on top of new people, a new office, and sometimes a new system to work around.

Before my time at HMH, the only professional graphic work I had done was a little menu design for a local restaurant and some non-profit signage for a 5k run. This aside, the people at HMH welcomed me with open arms, smiles and a job waiting to be done. Nothing helps more than being able to say, “I’ll give it a shot” to any request asked of me.

The office set up to complete my work was more than I could have wished for. My own office, a very nice and working Mac with a large screen, and a set of Bose speakers because, let’s be honest, work isn’t right without the perfect beat blaring in your office to drown out the distractions.

Every designer knows that sometimes you just need to stop what you’re working on and take a break to let your ideas settle in your brain and let new ones arise. During this time I took the liberty of rummaging through whose ever desk I happened to take over and to my great surprise I found a secret trove of Double Bubble, the perfect 30-second burst of flavor followed by the most flavorless gum ever. Luckily, there was so much of it I could always pop a new one if I wanted.

When it was time to get back to work I was happy to find out there was an endless amount of coffee at my disposal because who still drinks water? With a new cup of joe in hand I was ready to tackle any job. Unfortunately, that’s now how work… works. There is always something else coming up to pull your attention, like moving offices in the middle of projects! Luckily the new office was right next door and the move went rather smoothly with only some hiccups. Everyone was happy to lend helping hands to those who needed it and then I got to see everyone looking around for things they thought they placed somewhere else. Almost like moving into a new apartment and your roommate reorganizes when you aren’t home.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience in the field of graphic design and my mentor, Patti was very helpful in furthering my skills and letting me know when I did things right as well as how to fix the things I did wrong. Thank you everyone at HMH.