From the Eyes of an Intern: Jessica Bains’ Inspirations


One inspiring artist/photographer for me is Maia Flore because she really knows how to work with her surroundings. Flore lives in France and she produces these beautiful, fantastical images that hold a sense of wittiness and a little bit of surrealism. My favorite images are those in her series Sleep Elevation because they incorporate various spaces and settings outdoors. Nature and the outdoors, in general, are a favorite subject of mine, and I love being able to incorporate that into my work. I really understand where Flore is coming from when she says that the images in Sleep Elevation are things she wants to experience and that she lives vicariously through her photos.

Not only am I always finding inspirations in my surroundings, but I’m also inspired by designers who like to make a statement with their work. I love a bold designer who creates as if they have no limitations or filters. I know there’s a time and place to be daring like that, and I love seeing when that right time comes around and the designer really plunges into that boldness. One of my favorite designers is Jessica Walsh – and no, she’s not my favorite because we share the same name. Walsh is an art director and designer working as a partner alongside Stefan Sagmeister at Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC. The best word I can use for her concepts and designs is electric. Her work always excites me and makes me wish I could be her for a day so I could go through her creative/conceptual thought process.

I feel it’s very important try to push boundaries and aim to be someone that other people will look to and say, “Wow! I really wish I had made that!” or for people to find some inspiration from your work to create something entirely new and equally as inspiring for somebody else out there. I highly recommend that you go and take a look at these two great artists/designers I just mentioned and hope you, too, can find some inspiring light from their work. I provided a link to Maia Flore’s website and Jessica Walsh’s Behance portfolio page so click and discover away, if you aren’t already familiar. I hope I have inspired you with this post to go out and CREATE!

Maia Flore :

Jessica Walsh :


-Jessica Bains