Four Myths of Adulting, Debunked


This blog post was written by our Charlotte intern, Mary McCormick.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told you don’t work for fun. You work for financial stability. For fixing the AC, filling your tank, or the occasional (okay, maybe daily) trip to Jeni’s Ice Cream.

This notion was flipped upside down after a short week and a half interning. Below are a few myths and realities of the working world (at least when it comes to working at an advertising agency).

Myth #1: Business meetings are serious and lame. And/or seriously lame. 

Reality: Sometimes you take diligent notes and sometimes you deflect tiny plush basketballs being thrown at you (while still taking super diligent notes).

Myth #2: Never be late to work. 

Reality: Shit happens.

I took a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic on my third day. Coming in hot at 9:15, I braced myself for a stern finger shaking or slap on the wrist.

“You’re fired,” said Teddy, my creative director. And off I went, wandering the streets of Uptown Charlotte, reminiscing on sweet memories of my two days at HMH.

Okay, but really, my wrists weren’t slapped and I came up with two more social captions in the traffic jam. Bonus!

So, don’t cry over spilt tea. Because if you’re anything like me, you probably spill one to three cups on yourself every morning. And, as long as you get your stuff done, nobody cares if you wear the same tea-stained shirt every day.

Myth #3: You have to wear uncomfy clothes all the time.

Reality: You can wear whatever you want as long as you get stuff done. Even if it’s a monkey suit from last year’s white elephant… John?

Myth #4: Only senior-level ideas are heard. 

Reality: Everyone has a voice.

On my first day, Teddy and John, our senior AD, grabbed me to take a look at a headline they were working on. This baffled me. I graduated less than a week ago, and you want to hear my ideas? Is this real life?

So here’s my new notion: adulting doesn’t suck that much. It’s actually kind of fun (if you pick the right shop, that is). 

Stay tuned for more internship updates, ad trends, and… suggestions? Bueller?

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