Episode 1: Ed Herinckx, President, HMH

By John Halpin | Associate Account Director

At HMH, we’re excited to launch The Future of Transportation podcast. In each episode, we’ll explore relevant topics and gather insights from transportation industry experts. 

The guest for our premiere episode is HMH President, Ed Herinckx, who shares some thoughts on: 

  • Why HMH focuses its efforts on the transportation industry 
  • How marketing changes – or doesn’t – between traditional products and newer, cutting-edge offerings such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving 
  • An app idea that involves multiple modes of transportation 
  • Questions we should consider asking transportation experts in future episodes 

You can watch the episode here, or listen and subscribe via the usual podcast outlets (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Player FM, and Podbean). Check back soon for a new episode of The Future of Transportation podcast!