Electrifying Inspiration: GM launches Super Bowl Ad focused on EV Line

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist

When it comes to what might be considered a ‘winner’ of Super Bowl ads, there’s often a standard formula involved:

Cherished Celebrities + Humorous Concept + New Product Launch = Super Bowl Ad Gold

Sometimes the mix is a little off, or the ad tries a little too hard to be funny, so it ends up in the eye-rolling category instead of the winner category. With so many Americans stuck at home during a year-long pandemic, an ad that gets the formula just right is something to look forward to. The General Motors Super Bowl spot is that and then some.

In this case, funnyman Will Ferrell provides the slapstick viewers are familiar with, sports some pandemic-length hair and demonstrates his amped up agitation about half the vehicles sold in Norway being electric while only four percent of cars sold in the United States are electric.

Ferrell’s solution: do whatever it takes keep Norway from out-EVing the U.S. After all, the slogan for their electric campaign is “Everybody In.” So Ferrell does just that, pulling in his friends Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to meet up in Norway to challenge with GM’s EV prowess.

The ad wraps up with the brand promise that GM will be producing 30 new EV product lines by 2025, an incredible goal. This already dovetails with the current U.S. administration’s goals to provide EV infrastructure, coast to coast, by 2030. GM is also being bolstered by tax credits encouraging them to move at an electrifying pace in providing affordable, zero-emission vehicle solutions.

By taking this stance, GM is doing more than showing that they are all in, they’re showing this shift is inevitable because they are making it happen — which in turn provides the stability that allows even more consumers get on board.

This particular ad will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl 2021, but stay tuned: they’ll also be showcasing their Cadillac EV crossover, the Lyriq.

Check out the ad below.