Creating work that works

By Steve Marshall | Chief Growth Officer

For years, HMH has been focused on building our clients’ brands through ideas that get noticed and make a difference. And now it’s certified. We just received our first review on Clutch, a business-to-business review and rating platform we recently joined, and it also happens to be our first five-star review.

A Clutch analyst conducted a phone interview with Mario DiFoggio, the marketing manager of Thomas Built Buses, and it reflects our long and ongoing branding and marketing collaboration with the bus manufacturer.

On the project that was discussed, our client wanted to leverage their strong brand identity and loyalty while continuing to establish their electric vehicle leadership in their industry. Based on our client’s overall feedback, we didn’t just do a good job with that project, we’re still doing a great job with all things Thomas.

In fact, when the Clutch analyst asked our client what he thought was the most impressive part of our services, he answered:

“The culture they’ve established as an organization makes me want to do business with them as a client. I know they’ll always give me an honest answer and real feedback. Their creative prowess also makes them really good at what they do.”

We’ve always worked hard to solve our clients’ challenges through insights, creativity and technology – and to build strong relationships with them at the same time. Thomas Built Buses is just one of our many satisfied clients, and we’re thankful for their continued appreciation.

We’re eager to see more of our clients’ reviews and ratings soon. We think Clutch is going to be a great avenue for us to showcase what we can deliver and how we can make an impact. If you’re looking for the right agency to work with, get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can collaborate.