Content Is Not a New Concept

By Megan Miller | VP/Client Services Director

I just read an interview in AdWeek with David & Goliath CDO, Mike Geiger. He made a comment that content is not a new concept. I mentally high-fived this guy. Then shared the story with the rest of the HMH gang.

Agencies have been creating content for decades in its many forms. The keen expertise that agencies offer is in creatively addressing the challenge of how to connect remarkable ideas in the best ways with the right audiences — to engage, inform and incite action, and ideally loyalty. In the last several years, more ways, or more channels have emerged to help us connect and engage. And, as we all know, anyone who would like to can create so-called content and offer it up. (Of course that doesn’t mean it’s engaging or effective or consumed. It’s a cacophony out there.)

I was curious to look into when “content” morphed into this supposedly modern-day concept. I found an article published by MarketerGizmo on the evolution of content marketing. It’s a worthwhile read ( And, as the author says, highlights the good, the bad and the ugly. Even with the ever-changing landscape, what remains true is the need for relevant, quality content — whatever the form.