Case Study: Thomas Built Buses Goes Electric

By John Halpin | Associate Account Director

If you think about the future of transportation right now, it’s difficult NOT to think about electric vehicles (EV). Tesla is all the rage in the news and on Wall Street, and some states will mandate alternative energy for vehicles as soon as the 2030s.

With that in mind, we were understandably excited to collaborate with our clients at Thomas Built Buses on their effort to become the leader in electrification for the school bus industry, and thereby drive demand across the EV space.

It is estimated that electric school buses will become the norm over the next 10-15 years. They work well in a variety of environments and terrains, and while they cost more than their combustion-engine counterparts today, lower fuel and maintenance costs along with technological improvements are expected to tip the scales in electric’s favor over the long term.

To help Thomas Built pursue an EV leadership position in the industry, HMH’s three core disciplines were activated.


Through consultation and research, we mapped strategies that led to the creation of “The Electric Bus Authority,” an EV consultative arm of Thomas Built Buses. Thomas Built isn’t just trying to sell electric school buses – they aim to help the industry learn more about them, with information on infrastructure, whether the decision to go electric is a good one, and more.


From there, our team concepted a campaign that used video and digital executions to immerse the Thomas Built brand in its new, natural, electric environment.


HMH’s recommended media mix included banners, video pre-roll ads and native advertising. The results? More than six million impressions and strong engagement across the board.

There’s certainly more of this story to tell. Please check out the full case study to review the creative, results and more from Thomas Built’s electrifying campaign.