Building Brand One Day — and Year — at a Time


Among trucking’s luminaries, Western Star shines bright. And so do its calendars. In fact, the vehicular pin-ups are highly anticipated among dealers and customers, making each year’s calendar delivery a save-the-date occasion.

To rev up the excitement for Western Star’s 50th anniversary, we tied the 2017 calendar theme to this notable milestone. The concept: use the tone and design of ads from the past 50 years to showcase the brand through history. The design: employ existing and new photography, as well as illustration, to capture the ethos of each era and highlight the brand’s distinctive benefits. The result: an entertaining, peek-ahead-worthy piece that supported the 50th anniversary celebration. And reflected the awesomeness that’s made Western Star a favorite for the long haul. Small wonder it was the truck manufacturer’s best-selling calendar to date.