Brand Bite – To be or not to be… political


This blog post was written by intern McKenna Colby.

Patagonia has an involved history with environmental activism – donating 1 percent of its annual sales to the planet and regularly launching projects to encourage sustainability. On Monday, the company’s activism turned political after PresidentTrump announced his plan to sizeably diminish national monuments in Utah. Taking a very public stand against the president, Patagonia’s homepage now reads “The President Stole Your Land.” The brand’s founder refuses to be a bystander while everything he built his company on is threatened.

Brand Thought:

It’s not often that well-known brands take public stands when it comes to politics. According to a 4A’s survey seen in Adweek, there’s good reason for it:  brands don’t want to risk alienating a large consumer demographic. But, it’s a risk Patagonia took, to stay true to the brand and its mission. Creating a snowball effect, if you will, one big brand fighting for what it believes in, drives others, such as The North Face and REI, to follow the lead.