Brand Bite — #SaveTheSmallTalk


The weather used to be a neutral, small talk-friendly subject. Now, however, a casual conversation about the outside temperature can easily lead to a heated exchange about climate change, or lack-there-of. The Weather Channel is promoting a new original video that acknowledges this issue and encourages education through viewing Weather Channel programs. By watching The Weather Channel, people can learn the facts about climate change, save the small talk and ultimately have informed, civil discourse about the topic.

Many companies and brands stay away from polarizing topics such as climate change. The Weather Channel’s #savethesmalltalk video, however, is an original piece of branded content that appropriately acknowledges the climate change debate. The Weather Channel exclusively focuses on the facts of the weather, as they always have, giving them credibility to shed light on the subject. They are also not picking a side. Rather, they are promoting education so viewers can peacefully and intellectually discuss their viewpoints. Peace and intellect: now that’s something we can all agree on.