Brand Bite — #GottaLoveIt

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

What could be more outrageous, just in time for Valentine’s Day, than a contest featuring as a grand prize a 7-layer bejeweled ring mimicking a Big Mac? McDonald’s is handling this social media ploy just as they should, responding to each contest entrant’s Big Mac love story with a personalized, not standardized, reply. Check it out before it’s too late—contest ends on February 14. I’m working on my entry as we speak. (No, HMH doesn’t have any affiliation with the fast food giant, but we think it’d be pretty grand if you won this beauty.)  #BlingMacContest.

Brand Thought

Unexpected. Theatrical. Ridiculous. And, enviable. Surprising ideas can be as hard (and fun!) for the agency to create as they are to sell to the client, but if there’s a sound strategy in place, they can be magical. I would have loved to be part of the team on this one. It remains to be seen how many Big Macs will be sold through this unusual engagement with McDonald’s, but there’s no doubt this has sparked some extra love for a brand that could use a little.