Brand Bite — #EmeraldBeauty

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

McKinney has created for Sherwin-Williams a beautiful and emotionally-charged view of its paint line, Emerald. The production of this TV spot was nothing short of technical mastery, made possible through high speed camera work, a precision guidance system and a room full of crew, agency and client representatives willing to put their nerves at bay as the paint flowed and the unexpected shapes came to life. In the end … mesmerizing perfection that portrays paint in a whole new light.

Brand Thought:

Sherwin-Williams—a key player in a category that tends to play it safe creatively—took a chance. The agency and client teams thought about ‘what if’ and weren’t held back by fear of the unknown or fear of potential failure. Just goes to show, when strategy and creative genius are at play, risk has its rewards.