Brand Bite — #DeltaDatingWall


Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the new home to a #DeltaDatingWall – a wall that Delta Airlines has decorated with famous scenes from around the world. New Yorkers can take selfies in front of the images to appear as if they are at the location, and then post the pictures on their dating apps to playfully give the appearance of the jet-setter lifestyle. Delta even partnered with Tinder to host an event for singles to have their photos taken by a professional photographer in front of the wall to encourage this concept.

Brand Thought

Delta’s creative and artistic initiative is perfectly aimed at its target audience. Young singles are obsessed with taking photos, regularly use dating apps and love to travel, but are frequently too low on funds to actually do so. Delta has provided a unique opportunity for people to see the world without ever leaving Brooklyn, while also highlighting the fact that the airline flies to more destinations out of NYC than any other airline – if anyone did want to leave.