Brand Bite — #BrandStoryInTheAir

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

In celebration of its 80th anniversary, Icelandair is taking flight attendant training to a whole new level. During a one-of-a-kind flight between London and New York, passengers lucky enough to be on board this exclusive transatlantic flight on September 8 will be treated to a live show performed by Icelandair staff. Three acts. One brand story. An unforgettable experience.

Brand Thought

Icelandair’s ‘theater in the air’ idea came about because they listened to their passengers. They gleaned a couple of insights through a customer survey. Insight 1: we get bored on long flights. (Okay.  That’s not all that much of an insight.)  And insight 2: the crew is the key to passenger experience. They were wise enough to connect the two and voila! An idea was born. That’s how it’s done.