Brand Bite — Apple’s Social Conservatism


Apple has notoriously kept its distance from social media. It has Facebook and Twitter pages, but they’re both blank. However, as of last week, Apple now has an Instagram account – and they’re posting to it. The brand has extended their ongoing “Shot on iPhone” campaign to the photo platform, using Instagram not as a way to introduce something new, but to expand on an already successful campaign that exhibits iPhone users’ impressive photos.

Brand Thought

Apple’s reluctance to utilize social media for its brand voice may stem from social media’s unpredictability. Apple is methodical and controlled in what it says as a brand, and social media tends to get messy. Using Instagram to exclusively share “Shot on iPhone” photos is a very controlled and conservative way for Apple to dip its toes in the social media pool. There is no gamble involved and the campaign to showcase users’ personal photos is already a social initiative to begin with. As an industry leader, you’d think Apple would be more willing to take some creative risks and fully dive in to the sensitive yet significant world of social media.