Blue Horizon Shifts Meritor Into the Future

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist

The word of the day when it comes to transportation is electrification. We’ve heard about how the state of California wants to transition all passenger car sales to zero-emission by 2035. Additionally, the California Air Resources Board has adopted a first-of-its-kind rule requiring truck manufacturers to transition from diesel-powered engines and drivetrains to all-electric zero-emission beginning in 2024, with the aspirational goal of every new truck sold in California to be zero-emission by 2045. And where California goes, the national car and truck manufacturing industry follow.

Meritor is no stranger when it comes to drivetrains, having been in the business for more than 100 years. Meritor readily embraced the challenge of building out their electric powertrain offerings. This focus on electrification allowed them the freedom to re-brand themselves in a very meaningful way, solidifying their presence firmly in the realm of innovation and technology. We were excited when Meritor leadership asked us to help build out that transformation and messaging. And as always, we embraced the challenge.


We went in-depth with our research and existing data to consolidate information about Meritor’s customers, and what they know and expect. That helped us lay the groundwork for a new brand we called Meritor Blue Horizon. The name lends itself to looking forward, keeping an eye on what’s ahead and having the technology and momentum to get there.


After we’d developed a name our client loved, we created an associated logo, brand manifesto, brochure and a multitude of advertising materials – and that got noticed by the industry. As Meritor’s CMO said, “Blue Horizon was a game changer for Meritor in how customers perceived the company.”


The Blue Horizon brand was introduced with an integrated campaign designed to engage multiple target audiences. In collaboration with Meritor, we’ve developed a variety of communications assets including trade show support, videos, event materials, advertising, public relations, facility branding and investor communications. Meritor has now successfully rolled out 24 advanced technology programs around the world, with measurable positive financial performance.

Check out the full case study to review the creative, results and more from Meritor’s innovative and exciting entry into the world of electrification. If you like what you see, contact us via the web form below. We’d love to help your organization achieve similar success.