Big products. Even bigger product launches.

By Steve Cox | Group Creative Director

Working on a product launch isn’t what you’d call a common occurrence at most agencies. But we’ve been lucky enough to work on two successful product launches in two years – or over the past eleven months if you go by the actual time elapsed.

This year we helped Western Star bring their new 47X vocational truck to market – the second truck in the new X-Series line of trucks. Built off the ongoing Break New Ground campaign we established for the company before the first launch, the 47X launched with a focus on construction and infrastructure, two growing categories the 47X was built for.

Like last year, we began with a tease campaign featuring print, digital and social executions that drove toward a landing page. Once there, customers found a countdown clock and the opportunity to sign up to be first in line for more information.

Of course, as with the previous launch, CG played a huge role. Since no actual trucks had been built yet, we worked to create a number of computer-generated images for the print, digital, social and web elements that were being developed for launch. And since it’s Western Star, video was once again thestar of the show.

Unlike last year, the video shoot for this launch went smoothly. No heat waves. No wildfires. Of course, it helped that we were shooting in Detroit where the weather was downright pleasant for the Midwest in summer.

By the time shooting began, we had a total of nine trucks built and on-site, working in cement plants, quarries, test facilities and on highways, all in Detroit or within a short drive. Thanks to good timing and organization, we were also able to capture a number of still shots of the newly built trucks to enhance the launch. Luck provided us good weather, only one downed drone and even the opportunity to capture a quarry detonation.

Since the pandemic was still with us, the launch was again going to be virtual and outdoors. At least until the weather stopped holding and brought rain. Quick planning and adjustment by all the partners found a new location and set up in time to deliver the launch on time and without a hitch. The website went live on time and the new 47X was streamed to the world. The truck and the launch were well-received both within Daimler Truck and in the industry as a whole.

The best part? We’ve already started on the next model. Hopefully the weather holds for the next launch.