A Natural Leader



As a public utility, power companies often struggle to get respect or even get recognized — especially when it comes to environmental stewardship.

Idaho Power, however, is a respected leader in stewardship — a position we’ve worked to foster and reinforce through our Positive Energy campaign.

The campaign’s latest addition, a 60-second television commercial, highlights Idaho Power’s efforts to restore, replant and transform the Snake River for the betterment of the land and those who cherish its power and beauty. By using a ripple effect motif, we underscore the importance of interconnectivity and show how even small changes can net big — and lasting — results.

The commercial just began running and has already garnered positive feedback for Idaho Power. We’re proud not only of the work we’ve created with our client, but Idaho Power’s ongoing commitment to the planet and its people. Our partnership is a natural fit. One we’ve valued for nearly 15 years.