A Lifetime of Achievements

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

Congratulations to our very own Karl Sandell on having received both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Unsung Hero Award from Daimler Trucks North America. Karl began photographing Freightliner trucks with his father Claude, who also received a lifetime achievement award, nearly 40 years ago.

Today, Karl is undoubtingly the industry’s best photographer.  And odds are, if you’ve seen a Freightliner photograph, it was probably taken by Karl.

Karl’s photography shoots have taken him across the United States and Canada, photographing thousands of trucks over the years.  Some shoots have been straightforward, while others have put Karl in some very precarious situations.  To celebrate Karl’s huge accomplishment, we wanted to share a few of his favorite photos.

And once again, congratulations Karl.  These awards are well deserved!