how we work
(and play) together

Three offices. Roughly 2,848 miles in between. And no silos. Just one agency working together to deliver positive results for our clients. For us, it’s common to have a project team made up of people from any office. And our process enables us to hand off projects from one office to the other to keep things moving, giving our clients nearly ’round the clock service. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients’ needs are met and that the work is great, no matter how tight the deadlines. On the personal side, we make sure to gather everyone together whenever possible, and we regularly have staff spend time in each office. It’s all part of how we keep things nice.

That’s where we live, right in the middle of nice and edgy. Because we believe you can come up with great ideas and still be people who are likable. That’s why you won’t find big egos or bad attitudes around here. That just isn’t our way. After all, we want to work with people we like working with, both clients and co-workers. Because that’s a pretty nice way to spend your day.


Work Brave

Play Nice

Be Human

Stay Interesting

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

What is our goal for DEI at broadhead|HMH?

At broadhead|HMH, our goal is to create a lasting culture consistent with our values. One that gives each person the power to create a community where everyone feels they belong.

Where are we now?

We continue to put diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront of our agency culture, hiring practices and community engagement. To that end, we have recently become a 4A’s certified WEC agency (Workplace Enlightenment Certified).

We also have a passionate and engaged DEI Committee whose mission is to:

  • Recommend opportunities that expand the agency’s understanding and awareness around relevant issues (e.g., anti-racism, identity, critical race theory, ableism, LGBTQ+)​
  • Facilitate education, courageous conversations, arts and community engagement and philanthropic initiatives​
  • Broaden perspectives of the agency and our clients regarding our culture and work, talent recruitment, and personal development to promote success ​

What steps are we currently taking?

  • Providing ongoing DEI training and seminars for our employees
  • Seeking out innovative ways to recruit from a more diverse pool of candidates
  • Advancing a work environment that fosters equity and inclusion

While we’re proud of the steps we have taken thus far, we recognize there is even more we can be doing – especially as leaders in our industry. We encourage anyone who is interested in working with us to inquire about our DEI initiative and how we strive to continue to support our employees.



If you find a job you love, it’s still work. But around here, it’s fun work. Not every day, mind you. Some days are more fun than others. That’s why we have happy hours. So if you’d like to have fun – and you’re a smart, dedicated, talented nice kind of person with only occasional mood swings – we may just have a spot for you. Even if we’re not hiring at the moment, send us your information anyway. If we’re blown away, you never know what could happen. And in case you didn’t know, we’ve become one with broadhead, so now we’re located in three beautiful cities. When you click on a job description below, you will be forwarded to the broadhead website and can apply online through their career portal.


We’re a team of creative marketers, thinkers, strategists, writers, artists, designers, programmers, photographers, transformers, troublemakers, conformists, drivers, cyclists, hikers, explorers, kayakers, makers, buyers, introverts, extroverts, animal lovers and allergy sufferers committed to great work.