Western Star is a small player that now has a big voice in social media.

Western Star is a niche player in the heavy commercial truck market, offering the premier product in the industry for those owners who choose quality and value over low price. However, that equates to far fewer trucks on the road, and far fewer people driving them.
In a medium where success is measured by likes and views, we started out with a fairly sizable disadvantage. Fortunately, we were working from a strong insight.

Truck drivers are people, too.

Hardly earth-shattering. But too often, business-to-business messaging falls into corporate-speak. Western Star is one of those rare manufacturers that speaks with its audiences like consumers. And it’s a voice that we carried over into our social channels.

Give them what they want. And need.

Which is another way to say trucks, trucks and more trucks.

We not only spoke with our audience like real people, we gave them the images and video they wanted to see. And we supported it with the features, benefits and technical information that educated them on our product advantages.

How is it working?


33% increase in fans over one year

205,000 total fans and counting

Plus, likes and engagement that not only significantly outperformed our market share, but outperformed most other larger manufacturers outright, organically.


133% growth in 2016

30,000 followers and counting

3% engagement average


4,000 subscribers and growing

2:32 average view time

You could say pretty well.