Getting hacked is something you never, ever want to have happen. Ever.

Everyone can agree that having your network or personal information hacked is bad news. What’s surprising is most aren’t doing everything they can about it, or even thinking about it.

Our challenge:

Get them to think about it.
By seeing red.

Red is WatchGuard’s iconic (and memorable) red lion, not to mention the perfect mascot to represent their brand of Ferocious Protection.

To make sure people saw him, we put him all over.

In addition to the standard print, digital, social and paid search avenues, the work was showcased on cabs and a pub takeover in London.

In airports in key cities around the world.

And at trade shows, which featured this video that surprised any attendees who happened to cross its path.

Two months after the launch, the results came rolling in. The approach not only brought a fierce vibe to the brand, it also delivered.


92% increase in website traffic

426,000 incremental website visits

208,000,000 impressions

65% net new prospect reach

With bounce rates that significantly outperformed industry standards.

 Our RateIndustry
Display Ads11.7%60.0%
Paid Search2.0%47.7%

Which led the client to say the campaign is one of their most successful ever.