Portland’s first bridge in more than 20 years.

Our first blanket in, well, ever.

The Tilikum Crossing Bridge was a big deal for TriMet, and the crowning achievement of the new Orange Line extension. Not only was it the first new span across the Willamette River in 20 years, it both literally and symbolically brought communities together.

The name Tilikum means Bridge of the People and was submitted by the Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde. The name perfectly encapsulated TriMet’s vision for the bridge and, when it was completed, the line was ready to open.

We just needed to make one last thing.

A blanket.

So we worked with TriMet, Pendleton Woolen Mills and the Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde to design a commemorative blanket to be given to dignitaries at the event, tribal members and to those who helped make it all happen.

Design inspiration came from the artwork created for the bridge project by the Confederated Tribes. We took elements from the artwork, using them to create an entirely new design for the blanket.

And chose the threads that would create the blanket.

Then we waited.

(It takes a while to weave a blanket.)

But it was worth it.

The client was thrilled, as were those who received it.
It’s always good to learn something new.

A blanket by the numbers.

1000s of threads

100s produced

1 Rosey Award

1 of a kind