Living high in the Lowcountry

Palmetto Bluff, situated in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, is a community built to attract buyers looking for a second home escape.

But when these customers can choose to buy in any place in the country, including nearby communities, how do we get them to consider and ultimately choose Palmetto Bluff?

By owning the Lowcountry lifestyle.

Palmetto Bluff is a change of pace. You won’t find automobiles and movie theaters. Instead you’ll find neighborhood events and cookouts. Outdoor activities in acres of unspoiled nature. A connection with the countryside and the community.

It’s like stepping back a century in time.
Just with air conditioning.


Reach them by telling a story.

We created ads that captured a moment in time at Palmetto Bluff, a moment that the reader could actually experience at the community. And rather than a traditional headline, we used long lines that take their time to tell the story, a recreation of the pace of life in the Lowcountry.

Welcome them as soon as they get off the plane.

Savannah International Airport is the gateway to the Lowcountry. We wanted to make sure that visitors connected the lifestyle with Palmetto Bluff and would have the desire to visit Palmetto Bluff on this trip or the next.

Backlit posters greeted them as soon as they arrived and as they walked through the airport.

We took over baggage carousel signage and the carousel itself, recreating the beach on the baggage belt.

We even offered charging stations that introduced the idea of the Lowcountry boil, a regular event at Palmetto Bluff featuring food traditionally served on newspapers. We even created our own newspaper-like surface with articles about the community.

So did we get their attention?

22,889 website sessions

58% increase yearly leads

57% increase print leads

5% increase digital leads

from John Grisham

You could say we did.