300% growth leaves a pretty challenging what’s next?

Central Oregon Visitors Association had a special holiday wish:

And that was to inspire as many winter visits to Central Oregon as possible.

Our first step was figuring out how to convince people – primarily from Portland and the Bay Area – to travel to Central Oregon for a ski weekend. That led us to a universal truth that our audience can relate to.

Waiting in rush hour traffic.
Waiting to get up the mountain.
Waiting in long lift lines.
You’d rather be skiing.

Why wait? At Mt. Bachelor, you get more of the latter, with a lot less of the former.

Next, a two-pronged approach to communicate one key message:

We can remove the wait because we have winter down cold.

When it comes to winter, we know what we’re doing.

And we’re less crowded, which also helps.

We began to spread the message with an awareness campaign that invited prospective visitors to dial in their own adventure. From black diamond runs to hot toddies by the fire, we have it all.

There were print ads and banner ads.

Video content and a website.

Then we added a tactical twist, promoting the Boy, Do I Need a Getaway Giveaway, which awarded a four-day ski vacation to the winner.

Did it work?

27,500,000+ impressions

68,000+ clicks

30% click-thru rate for the campaign

42% click-thru for the contest

334% audience growth in California

That looks like a Yes.