April 7, 2017

Brand Bite — A Perfect Marriage

Luxury car brand, Jaguar, has partnered with Shell Oil to develop a new app that offers in-car fuel payment via the vehicle’s in-dash infotainment system. Currently available in the UK, owners of a few selected 2018 models of Jaguar vehicles (and soon all Jaguars equipped with InControl Apps) are able to make payments at Shell stations via their PayPal or ApplePay accounts. The app also locates the nearest Shell station and, after purchase, displays the receipt for the transaction on the car’s dash infotainment screen.


Brand Thought

Jaguar’s new technology feature not only aligns with the needs of its millennial target audience, it also upholds the brand’s positioning— Accessible Luxury— by allowing drivers to extend the Jaguar experience in an exclusive and unique way.



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