We’re a team of creative marketers, thinkers, strategists, writers, artists, designers, programmers, photographers, transformers, troublemakers, conformists, drivers, cyclists, hikers, explorers, kayakers, makers, buyers, introverts, extroverts, animal lovers and allergy sufferers committed to great work. Come and meet us.

  • Ed Herinckx Ed Herinckx

    Ed Herinckx


  • Paula Phillis Paula Phillis

    Paula Phillis

    VP/Production Director

  • Shawn Kelley Shawn Kelley

    Shawn Kelley

    Executive Creative Director

  • Megan Miller Megan Miller

    Megan Miller

    VP/Client Services Director

  • Greg Campana Greg Campana

    Greg Campana

    General Manager / Charlotte

  • Mardi Ball Mardi Ball

    Mardi Ball

    Accounting Director

  • Jenn Hausman Jenn Hausman

    Jenn Hausman

    Media Director

  • Denise Hollingsworth Denise Hollingsworth

    Denise Hollingsworth

    Brand Strategy Director

  • Steve Cox Steve Cox

    Steve Cox

    Creative Director

  • Steve Marshall Steve Marshall

    Steve Marshall

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Dana Thomas Dana Thomas

    Dana Thomas

    Digital and Social Media Strategist

  • Oscar Reza Oscar Reza

    Oscar Reza

    Senior Art Director

  • Julia Lloyd Julia Lloyd

    Julia Lloyd

    Project Manager

  • Mary McCormick Mary McCormick

    Mary McCormick

    Junior Copywriter

  • Julie Ditter Julie Ditter

    Julie Ditter

    Senior Project Manager

  • Teddy Shipley Teddy Shipley

    Teddy Shipley

    Creative Director

  • Jeff Nichols Jeff Nichols

    Jeff Nichols

    Creative Director

  • Karl Sandell Karl Sandell

    Karl Sandell

    Senior Photographer

  • John Halpin John Halpin

    John Halpin

    Account Supervisor

  • Michelle Sandell Michelle Sandell

    Michelle Sandell

    Special Projects/
    Photography Services

  • Kristin Young Kristin Young

    Kristin Young

    Account Supervisor

  • Patti Bateman Patti Bateman

    Patti Bateman

    Design Director

  • Robb Beck Robb Beck

    Robb Beck

    Senior Analyst, Digital Marketing

  • Betsy Kite Betsy Kite

    Betsy Kite

    Account Supervisor

  • Charity Holloway Charity Holloway

    Charity Holloway

    Account Executive

  • Christina Chu Christina Chu

    Christina Chu

    Sr. Public Relations
    Account Executive

  • Cindi Elsom Cindi Elsom

    Cindi Elsom

    Account Supervisor

  • Kayla Jaeb Kayla Jaeb

    Kayla Jaeb

    Production Designer

  • Cindy Marks Cindy Marks

    Cindy Marks

    Senior Producer

  • JoAnn Barnes JoAnn Barnes

    JoAnn Barnes

    Production Designer

  • Jason Searcy Jason Searcy

    Jason Searcy


  • Gary Golden Gary Golden

    Gary Golden

    Senior Copywriter

  • Tiago Puglisi Tiago Puglisi

    Tiago Puglisi

    Production Designer

  • David Gutlay David Gutlay

    David Gutlay

    Project Manager

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